In The Spotlight

Hello, All,

Thanks to a suggestion from José Ignacio at The Game's Afoot, I've decided to create a list of the books that I've taken a close look at for my In The Spotlight feature. Please feel free to visit this list any time and catch up with any editions of In The Spotlight that you might want to look at again. I'll be adding new titles here as I spotlight different books. As always, if there is a book or author you would like to see in the spotlight, please send me an Email. 

Atkinson, Kate - One Good Turn

Brand, Christianna - Green For Danger 

Braun, Lilian Jackson - The Cat Who Could Read Backwards 

Burke, James Lee - A Morning For Flamingos   

Cannell, Stephen J. - The Tin Collectors
Christie, Agatha - 4:50 From Paddington
Christie, Agatha - The ABC Murders

Christie, Agatha - The Mirror Crack'd

Collins, Wilkie - The Moonstone

Conan Doyle, Arthur - A Study in Scarlet

Connelly, Michael - The Black Ice

Constantine, K.C. - The Blank Page

Crombie, Deborah - In a Dark House

Dexter, Colin - The Daughters of Cain

Grimes, Martha - The Anodyne Necklace
Hall, Tarquin - The Case of the Missing Servant
Hiaasen, Carl - Skinny Dip

Higgins Clark, Mary - While My Pretty One Sleeps

Hill, Reginald - An Advancement of Learning
Hillerman, Tony - The Dark Wind

James, P.D. - A Taste For Death 
Lippman, Laura - Baltimore Blues

Macdonald, Ross - The Far Side of the Dollar

MacLean, Shona  - The Redemption of Alexander Seaton
Marsh, Ngaio - Tied Up in Tinsel
Martin, P.D. - Body Count

McCall Smith, Alexander - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency 

McDermid, Val - The Grave Tattoo
Nesser, Håkan  - Mind's Eye

Queen, Ellery - The Fourth Side of the Triangle
Rankin, Ian - Exit Music
Robertson, Kel - Smoke and Mirrors

Robinson, Peter - Gallows View

Sjöwall, Maj and Wahlöö, Per - Roseanna  

Stout, Rex - Fer de Lance 

Tey, Josephine - The Man in the Queue 

Truman, Margaret - Murder at the Kennedy Center
Walters, Minette - The Breaker