Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Behind The Scenes...

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when an author is writing a book? If you’re a writer, ever wondered what it’s like for other authors? I’m blogging today about just that topic at Savvy Authors.

I’m particularly honoured to be guest-posting at Savvy Authors, because it’s one of the best places for writers to work with and learn from other writers. Whether you’re a published author or not yet published, it’s a rich resource. And if you’re not a writer, it’s worth a look, anyway. There’s lots of good information and interesting events.

Please stop by and pay me a visit at Savvy Authors, where I’m blogging about what went on behind the scenes in the writing of B-Very Flat.

But before you do……

Check out these delightfully creepy Dribbles (murder stories in exactly fifty words):

From Clarissa Draper

They say you look peaceful amidst the blood and guts. Peaceful. That was not her goal--peaceful. But, peace. And soon it would come. Seconds. Moments.
No moments of remembering, but soon remembrance.

From Mason Canyon

The night air was still and warm. The full moon shown brightly across the lawn.
Judith had been right. The rose garden did look lovely behind the house.
He hoped she enjoyed the various varieties of roses that she now fertilized. He had warned her nagging was unbecoming and unhealthy.

Aren't these great? Please pay these terrific writers a visit at their blogs!


  1. Great story, Mason!

    Now I'm off to read the other post.

  2. I left a comment at Savvy Authors, but in case it doesn't show up, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your behind the scenes tour. I love learning how other authors approach their writing!

  3. Excellent dribbles. Clarissa´s is ever so sinister, and I just love Mason´s twist.

    Off to Savvy Authors...

  4. Clarissa - You're so right! Mason's story is wonderful, isn't it?

    Elspeth - Why, thank you!! I appreciate that :-). I like going "behind the scenes" with other authors, too. It actually really helps me learn how to write better.

    Dorte - They certainly are terrific Dribbles, aren't they? Both of these writers are talented :-).

  5. I left a comment at the other site but I'm not sure it will show up. But I love your post. Beta readers are so important!

  6. Clarissa - Thank you :-). That's awfully kind of you :-). And yes, beta readers are so crucial. I have no idea where I'd be without mine!! Well, yes I do know; I just don't want to think about it...

  7. Love Clarissa's take on the Dribble. Thank you for the kind words about mine. It was fun. I'm running late but I'm off to check out your post at Savvy Authors.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. Mason - You really did do a terrific Dribble :-). And thanks for taking the time to check out my Savvy Authors post :-).