Friday, August 20, 2010

Play the Game, Everybody Play the Game*

I admit it; I was intrigued by the wonderful contribution of Dorte at DJ’s Krimiblog and the excellent contribution of Bernadette at Reactions to Reading to the My Life As A Book community meme. I decided I couldn’t resist participating myself, so here is the truth? about me by crime fiction title:

In high school I was: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson) (OK, not really ;) )

People might be surprised I’m: The Perfectionist (Helen Nielsen)

I will never be: The Snack Thief (Andrea Camilleri)

My fantasy job is: Queenpin (Megan Abbott)

At the end of a long day I need: A Place of Safety (Caroline Graham)

I hate it when: A Murder is Announced (Agatha Christie) – um, unless it’s fictional ; )

Wish I had: Blue Shoes and Happiness (Alexander McCall Smith)

My family reunions are: After Twenty Years (O. Henry)

At a party you’d find me with: People of Darkness (Tony Hillerman)

I’ve never been to: The Cipher Garden (Martin Edwards)

A happy day includes: The Chocolate Box (Agatha Christie)

Motto I live by: Don’t Look Behind You (Frederic Brown)

On my bucket list: Castle in Spain (Julian Symons)

In my next life, I want to be: Well-Schooled in Murder (Elizabeth George) ; )

So there you have it! What about you? Wanna play the game? C'mon - it's fun!

*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Queen's The Game.


  1. That's terrific Margot...may I visit your castle in Spain if I promise to bring The Chocolate Box?

  2. Bernadette - Thanks : ). And you are welcome in my castle any time, with or without chocolate. But with is better (Hee Hee); ).

  3. How do I play? Do I do it on my blog or here?


  4. Clarissa - I'm so glad you want to play : ). Put your responses up on your own blog, and link to the community meme blog. I look forward to reading your answers : ).

  5. Sounds like a fun game to play. Maybe I'll work off the 100 best books of the past 100 years.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. Margot, why was I not surprised to see that you were the Perfectionist? And may I share your chocolate box? I promise to share mine with you when I get one.

  7. Just wanted to pop in and let you know I have an award for you at Thoughts in Progress. I'll be back to find out more about the game.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. Stephen - It is a fun game, and I'll bet you'd do a great job with those classics. I'll look forward to reading your answers.

    Rayna - You are more than welcome to share my chocolate box. I would be honoured. And it's kind of you to offer to share yours : ).

    Mason - Why, thank you! How very kind! I'll be right over.

  9. Ha! I'm with you on the perfectionism and the chocolate. :)

  10. Karen - Ah, a kindred spirit! I love it : ).

  11. It´s good that you added that comment after "A Murder Is Announced." Well, if you hadn´t, we wouldn´t have believed you anyway :D

    The other day I told my husband I had written 500 words. With your command of Danish you´ll understand he thought it was 500 murders.

  12. Something tells me that you'll never be The Snack Thief because of that Chocolate Box, eh? I really enjoyed your answers!

  13. Dorte - LOL! You're right; no-one would believe I don't like fictional murders ; ). And I laughed so hard when I read what your husband thought you'd said. I love how much difference that one letter makes...

    Cathy - LOL : ). You're right about that Chocolate Box. And thanks for the kind words. This really was fun!

  14. Jose Ignacio - Thank you : ). I thoroughly enjoyed your contribution , too!