Sunday, July 25, 2010

There'll be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover*

Hello, All,
The “official” Magical Mystery Blog Tour
may have ended, but I’m off again today, this time to the UK, where I’m honored and excited that Norman at Crime Scraps has invited me to guest post. Norman’s blog is a terrific resource for thoughtful crime fiction reviews, updates on crime fiction events and thought-provoking posts on crime- and crime friction-related topics. If you’re a crime fiction fan, Crime Scraps is well worth a place on your blog roll.

Norman suggested a set of twelve categories of crime fiction that he called the Dartmoor Dozen
, and it’s my honor today to offer my suggestions for books in each category that I’d recommend. Please pay me a visit at Crime Scraps where my choices will be revealed ; ).
Because of time differences, my guest post might not be up when you first visit. Please savor the blog and stop back later.

And, speaking of guest posts….

There’s a lot of excitement here at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist. Tomorrow, Tuesday, 27 July, I will have the honor of hosting best-selling author Elizabeth Spann Craig from Mystery Writing is Murder
. Her Myrtle Clover series is a delightful cosy series, and what’s more, the first of her new Memphis Barbecue series (which she writes as Riley Adams) has just been released. Delicious and Suspicious is available now and I, for one, can’t wait to read it! Please come by tomorrow, when Elizabeth will be blogging about how she integrates a marvelous sense of place in her novels.

*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Nat Burton and Walter Kent's The White Cliffs of Dover.


  1. Looking forward to it! And I'll pop by to hear your crime fiction picks, too. :)

  2. Elizabeth - I am, too. And thanks for stopping by Crime Scraps, too. It's a wonderful blog : ).

  3. Oh, can't wait to read the post.


  4. Sorry the first part is up now, more later. Life overtook my intention to post this first thing this morning. Thanks Margot.

  5. Norman - No worries. I'm just really honored to be your guest : ).

  6. I'll stop byCrime Scraps and say hello. Looking forward to hearing your choices.

    Stephen Tremp

  7. Stephen - Thanks very much! I appreciate it.

  8. Margot, I loved the White Cliffs of Dover title. Although we are a long way from Dover down here in the West, and our cliffs are very red especially at the start of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage site. ;o)

  9. Norman - Thanks : ). I tried to think of an appropriate song, and I've always loved that particular one. It made me think of you, too, although I know you don't live near Dover. You've got such a deep knowledge of history, and I know that WWII is an interest of yours, and so...

  10. You had me at your title. I love that song - so filled with hope. I actually used it as opening music for a play I directed that took place during the war.

  11. Elspeth - Isn't that a wonderful song?! I've always loved it, myself. I think it's so cool that you used it for your play, too; very appropriate for a WWWII play.

  12. Margot and Elspeth it is indeed a wonderfully inspiring song, and the singer who made it famous, Vera Lynn is still alive aged 93.
    Margot, I don't know about my deep knowledge of history but I know a little bit more about WWII than our current Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, who at a press conference recently with President Obama mentioned that the UK was America's junior partner during 1940. As you know I am a great admirer of your wonderful country, but you did not enter the war until 7 December, 1941. And my parent's generation, who lived through both world wars, were very pleased to have you with us.