Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog Tour Thanks : )

Hello, All,
I’ve returned home after a wonderful Magical Mystery Blog Tour.
It’s been a terrific experience, and I truly appreciate the hospitality of all of my blog hosts.
So, today I’ve decided to give a Thank-You gift to everyone who was kind enough to let me visit. Folks, these are excellent blogs, well worth following. Please pay my hosts lots of visits and learn from their wisdom: I know I do.

Chris at The Thrill of it All

Kathleen at From Cop to Mom and the Words in Between

Ingrid at The Conscious Cat

Dorte at DJ’s Krimiblog

Elizabeth at Mystery Writing is Murder

Mason at Thoughts in Progress

Martin at Do You Write Under Your Own Name?
Alan at A Million Blogging Monkeys
Elspeth at It's a Mystery

Karen at How Mysterious

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise

Thanks to all of you! Please take this gift as a token of my appreciation. What’s in the bag? Whatever you’d like it to be : ).


  1. The pleasure was all ours Margot

  2. And thank YOU Margot! As Kerrie says ...

    I have never had as many American visitors before as during June when I have had three great American guest bloggers.

  3. Any time, Margot! You really were no trouble at all! :)

  4. Well, that's a no brainer. It's obviously a bag of mystery books. :D

    Thanks for the visit, Margot. I enjoyed reading so many of these posts and appreciate the time you put into crafting them.

  5. Kerrie - Why, thank you : ).

    Dorte - That's very kind of you! I'm glad we haven't caused too much trouble ; ).

    Alan - Thanks; good to know you haven't yet found that dent in your car ; ).

    Elspeth - Awwww.. Thanks!

    Karen - LOL! Now that is a no-brainer : ). I'm so glad you enjoy what you read here. That means a lot to me.

  6. Though I'm running behind (nothing unusual), I did what to say I was honored that you stopped by Thoughts in Progress on your tour. Just remember the welcome mat is always out and the coffee is brewing anytime you want to guest blog.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. Mason - You're very kind! And trust me, I'm the honored one : ). Thanks for the kind invitation, too; I'll definitely take you up on it...

  8. Well, it's been fun reading all your informative posts on the various blogs. I've joined many new ones.


  9. Clarissa - Why thank you : ). I'm glad you've found some new blogs to love, too. My hosts have great blogs!