Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Traveling in a Fried-Out Combie*

G’Day, All,

I’ve had a wonderful trip to Georgia, and now, the Magical Mystery Blog Tour has taken a Quantas flight to South Australia. Today, I’m visiting Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. I’m quite honored at her invitation; it was actually Kerrie who introduced me and my writing to the crime fiction blogging community, and for that, I am grateful.

Kerrie’s blog is an excellent crime fiction-lover’s resource. It’s full of thoughtful reviews, fun things to do, updates and information and lots of online events. For instance, Mysteries in Paradise was the home of the Alphabet in Crime Fiction community meme that you may remember from last year and early this year. If you love crime fiction, Kerrie’s blog is a must-follow. Please pay me a visit at Mysteries in Paradise where Kerrie’s asked me to talk about ten crime fiction authors who’ve had the greatest influence on my writing.

*NOTE: The title of this post is the first line from Men at Work’s Down Under.


  1. Oh? We have a lot to thank Kerrie for then.

    Off to Australia though I think I can guess a few of your influences.

  2. Dorte - Why, thank you : ). You are most kind : ). And yes, I think you can guess a few of the influences on me.

  3. I like Men At Work. Good songs and fun to listen too. Still down know what a fried out combie is though. Must be an Aussie thing.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. Stephen - A combie is a kind of VW that's used for longer trips. "Fried out" means broken-down or at least, not in great shape; at least, that's my understanding. And I agree: Mean at Work did some great songs : ).

  5. Have you had a Vegemite sandwich yet?

  6. Vanda - How could I go down under and not have one? Mmmm...