Monday, June 21, 2010

I Can Hear Virginia Calling Me*

Hello, All,

After a very enjoyable stay in the U.K., the Magical Mystery Blog Tour has landed at Washington’s Dulles International Airport, and is now back again in beautiful Northern Virginia where today, I’m guest blogging at A Million Blogging Monkeys, “home” of fellow crime fiction author Alan Orloff.

Alan’s book, Diamonds for the Dead, has recently been released, and he’s working on a new series, the Last Laff series, featuring his sleuth, standup comedian Channing Hayes. Alan’s blog is an entertaining and very helpful blend of advice, reflections and useful resources for writers. Please pay me a visit at A Million Blogging Monkeys, where Alan has asked me to blog about, well, er, my blog.

*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Gary W. Parker’s Take Me Home to Virginia.

On Another Note….

My sincere thanks to Mason Canyon at Thoughts in Progress for awarding Confessions of a Mystery Novelist this terrific “Meat and Potatoes” blog award! This award is intended for “a particular group of wise and experienced bloggers who have proven themselves over the course of time, trials, and tribulations.” I am honored and flattered. Thank you, Mason!!


  1. Well done on the well deserved award Margot. I love the image - very mouth watering - just like your blog

  2. Wonderfully apt award. You are always a satisfying read - just like Sunday dinner!

  3. Well done, Margot. Your blog is a bit like that steak, a rare treat.

  4. Congratulations on the award Margot. Your blog always inspires me to think things through.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Kerrie - Why, thank you : ). That's very kind, especially coming from someone whose blog is such a treasure trove. Folks, if you haven't visited Kerrie's marvellous blog, Mysteries in Paradise, you're in for a treat. What a gold mine of reviews, updates interaction and interesting and fun challenges!

    Jan - How very kind of you! Thanks very much! Folks, please do check out Jan's terrific writing blog, Crazy Jane.

    Norman - *blush* Thank you! Folks, Norman's blog, Crime Scraps has terrific reviews, thoughtful commentary and interesting and challenging competitions. Do pay him a visit.

    Mason - You really are very, very kind. No wonder I make sure to stop at Thoughts in Progress every day! It's a terrific blog.

  6. I'll go check it out and by the way, congrats on the awards.