Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Magical Mystery Tour is Waiting to Take You Away*

Hello, All,

Here at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist, luggage is being packed, tickets checked and outfits mended, washed and ironed. Why? Because I am going on tour! Well…a blog tour, that is.

Several very talented blogger friends whose work I truly admire have been kind enough to allow me to make “tour stops” at their blogs to celebrate the release of B-Very Flat. Imagine! A tour without uncomfortable hotel rooms, exhausting and frustrating air travel, and lost suitcases! What could be better?

Here are the “tour stops” I’ve lined up so far. If anyone would like to host another stop, please do send me an Email (the button is to the right of this page) and let me know.

11 May – My tour kicks off in grand style with a profile on Chris Well’s terrific blog, The Thrill of it All. His blog is chock-full of crime fiction news, author profiles and much more. It’s well worth following.

21 May – I’m making a stop at Ingrid King’s wonderful blog, The Conscious Cat. Ingrid is a true expert on animals, especially cats, and her blog is a must-follow if you’re a pet-lover. She’s got so much valuable information and advice. I’ll be blogging there about cats in crime fiction. There are a lot of them, in case you didn’t know, and some of the stories are wonderful.

10 June – I’ll be visiting Elizabeth Spann Craig’s award-winning blog, Mystery Writing is Murder. As most of you know, Elizabeth is a highly talented mystery novelist whose Myrtle Craig series is one of my favorites. She’s also got a new series featuring restaurant owner Lulu Taylor. I’ll be blogging about story frames, and sharing the frame I used to build B-Very Flat. Writers, this is one of the finest writing blogs there is. Period.

16 June – I’m excited that I’ll be stopping at Mason Canyon’s wonderful book blog, Thoughts in Progress. Mason’s blog features a wide variety of guest authors, many of whom have been new to me, so I love “meeting” authors there. She also does terrific book reviews and always has interesting questions to ponder. Book lovers, this is a rich resource! Since my Joel Williams series takes place in and around the college campus setting, I’ll be blogging about campus settings, giving some examples, and talking about what a good context they are for mysteries.

21 June – On this stop, I’ll be visiting Alan Orloff’s very helpful A Million Blogging Monkeys. Alan’s novel, Diamonds for the Dead, has just been released, and he’s working now on his Channing Hayes mystery series, the first of which is scheduled to be released early next year. Alan’s blog is a must-follow if you’re a writer. He takes up all sorts of topics, from marketing, to E-books, to handling promotion, and more. At this stop, I’ll be blogging about., well, my blog. I’ll be talking about my own process of blog-writing. And, oh yeah, about B-Very Flat, too.

25 June – This stop will have me heading north to the home of Elspeth Antonelli’s wonderful writing blog, It’s a Mystery. Elspeth is a talented writer of mystery games and she’s also creating a terrific-sounding mystery series of her own. I look forward to reading it. Elspeth’s blog is an honest, funny, helpful, and supportive resource for writers. I’m honored that I’ll be there. I’ll be blogging about some of the “writing demons” we writers face, and that I faced when I wrote B-Very Flat. I’m hoping that what I did to conquer those “demons” will be helpful.

So there you have it. I do hope you’ll pack up your psychedelic-painted micro-buses and follow me. My hosts have assured me that tailgating is fine, provided you clean up after yourselves ; ).

*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.


  1. Thank you for such kind words about Thoughts in Progress. I am looking forward to your post so much. Wishing you success and fun on your tour and honored you're stopping by my place on the way.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Mason - Oh, believe me, the honor and pleasure are mine. You have a terrific blog, and I am just so pleased and proud that I'll get to pay you a visit. Thanks for the good "tour wishes." Now...if I can just remember where I put my GPS ; ).

  3. What a great idea! (If you are anyway near Denmark on your tour, please stop by DJ´s krimiblog).

  4. Happy touring. At least you won't be disrupted by volcanoes or airline strikes!

  5. Thanks for the sweet words about my blog. :) I'm looking forward to hosting you June 10th!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Dorte - Thank you : ). It would be an honor to make a stop at DJ's Krimiblog on my way past Denmark. Folks, if you haven't visited Dorte's fabulous blog, I highly recommend it. It's a treasure trove of excellent book reviews, wonderful flash fiction - and of course, the 2010 Global Reading Challenge!

    Maxine - Thank you : ). It will be nice not to have to worry about eruptions, natural or otherwise. Of course, now I have to hope my internet service doesn't act up ; ).

    Elizabeth - It's my pleasure to "talk up" your supurb blog. I am honored and excited that I'll making a stop there.

  7. Question: Is your book available on Kindle? Because I would like to read it before hosting you or doing a review of it.


  8. Clarissa - Thanks so much for the interest. Unfortunately, B-Very Flat isn't available on Kindle. For the moment, it's only available at the publisher's website in traditional format. If you want to see what you think before making a purchase, you can also read the first chapter of it free at my Author's Den Page. I hope that helps at least a little.

  9. Margot, I think I´ll get my exam plan May 21st. Let´s arrange something after that date (so I can be at home & spoil you a bit when you come to visit my blog) :D

  10. Dorte - That sounds like a wonderful plan! I'll look forward to my visit : ).

  11. Dorte - That sounds like a wonderful plan! I'll look forward to my visit : ).

  12. YAY! I'll have to check these others, too!