Friday, May 28, 2010

Livin' in the Sweet Virgnia Breeze*

Hello, All,
After a delightful stay in Long Island (even though I didn’t get to meet Billy Joel ; ) ), the Magical Mystery Blog Tour has
headed south on Interstate 95 to beautiful Northern Virginia, where I’m blogging today at The Conscious Cat, Ingrid King’s very helpful and richly informative site for all things cat-related. Ingrid’s a former veterinary hospital manager, so she has a lot of valuable experience and wisdom to share with pet lovers, especially cat lovers. Cats are an important part of many people’s lives, so it’s no surprise that we see lots of our feline friends in crime fiction, too. Please pay me a visit at The Conscious Cat, where my guest post will be about cats in crime fiction.

Now, where did I pack my sightseer’s guide??

NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Robbin Thompson and Steve Bassett’s Sweet Virginia Breeze.


  1. Great guest post at Ingrid's blog, Margot! :)

  2. Many thanks, Elizabeth : ). I'm having fun!

  3. Great post. I love cats. Although I've never read the books you've mentioned, I like it when authors use animals in their novels. Adds character.


  4. Clarissa - Thanks : ). I know what you mean about adding character. I think it shows another, interesting, side to a character when you find out that s/he has pets. I think it also helps the reader identify with a character, since there are so many pet lovers out there.

  5. Thank you for your interesting post on Ingrid's blog about cats who play an important role in the mystery genre. You have introduced me to some new authors and the cats you quote sound benignly entertaining in keeping with most cozies.
    I'm reading The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin and have just come across Rasputin a cat whose sensitivity to atmosphere and actions add to the sinister nature of this book.
    I have a Norwegian Forest Cat called Lewis after
    Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse's side-kick and we had a black and white spotted pointer dog called Morse when we lived in Italy. Guess which is my favourite detective series!

  6. Leonia - I appreciate your kind words about my guest post, and thanks for stopping by here, too : ). I'm glad you mentioned the Theorin book; I wonder if it will win the Dagger this year...

    I'm also glad that you like the Morse and Lewis books, too. Aren't they wonderful mysteries? I think they're as intellectually appealing as they are anything else. Your animal companions sound fabulous, too. Our family is produly owned by two dogs: a Tibetan Terrier and a mixed breed. Neither has a clever sleuth name, though - that's creative of you : ).