Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Momentous? Decision

Hello, Kind Readers of Confessions of a Mystery Novelist,

My name is Angel, and, along with my room-mate, Indy, I co-own Margot Kinberg, who keeps this blog.

After much thought, and much prodding from me and from Indy, Margot has made the somewhat nerve-wracking decision to put together a collection of her blog posts and assemble it into a book about the crime fiction genre. Right now, Margot is working on her next Joel Williams novel, so she’s not likely to really get going on this project until later in the year. But for now, we could all use your help.

Margot needs a good title for the book, and she won’t listen to any of my ideas (or Indy’s). And she certainly hasn’t the wits to think of a good title on her own. So I’m hoping that she’ll listen to you. Those of you who read Margot’s blog are probably in the best position to know the kind of title that would get your interest. So I would love to hear your ideas. What title would you give a book that deals with the kind of topics Margot writes about in this blog? If there were a collection of these posts, organized into some sort of coherent order and edited, what would you call that collection?

If you’d like to contribute an idea for a title, leave a comment with your idea. I’ll choose the best title, and that’s the title Margot will use.

Now, you may be asking: What’s in it for me? The person whose title I choose will win a signed copy of Margot’s newest release, B-Very Flat. If you’re not sure what it’s about, here’s the synopsis:

Is anyone really safe? Not necessarily. At nineteen years old, Serena Brinkman, an undergraduate violin major at Tilton University, seems to have a very secure future; she's got good looks, money, people who love her, and rare musical talent. She's also got a coveted Amati violin, a musical rival, friends whose secrets she knows, and an obsessed fan.Serena's dreams are shattered when she suddenly dies on the night of a major music competition. Serena's partner, sure that her death was not an accident, asks for help from Dr. Joel Williams of Tilton's Department of Criminal Justice.Williams, a former detective, becomes convinced that Serena was murdered, when he learns how unsafe her world really was. As he works with the Tilton Police Department to uncover the truth, Williams finds that Serena's looks, money, and talent, far from securing her future, made her a target.

You can also check out the trailer at the bottom of the blog page.

So….are you willing to help us out????

If so, here are a few things that Margot wants you to know:

1. This giveaway competition is open until midnight (U.S. Pacific Time), Friday, 12 March.
2. To enter, leave a comment with your choice for a title. Indy might have told you that Margot has no sense of humor, so please try to really think of the perfect title – the kind that would pique your interest.
3. We know that creativity flourishes all over the world. So don’t worry if you don’t live in the U.S. If I choose your title, Margot will send you your prize wherever you live.
4. If you’re new to Margot’s blog, and not sure what sort of topics she writes about, feel free to look through the archives. You’ll find them on the right side of the page.

Good luck to all, and thanks in advance for your help. Believe me, Margot needs all of the help that she can get!!!


  1. Glynis - Thank you! That's very creative! I'll be sure to tell Margot, and I know she'll like it, too.

  2. The Mystery Professor's Guide to Great Mysteries.

  3. The book is a good idea and welcomed in he whodunitsphere, too, I'm sure! Go for it!
    As to the name: my brain seems to be frozen at the moment, but if I come up w stg, I'll return :).
    Good luck & keep at it!

  4. Alan - Oh, I *like* that one. It makes Margot seem much more glamorous than she is ; ). Thanks for your contribution.

    Christine - I'm sure that Margot will appreciate your support. This decision wasn't easy for her and she can use the encouragement. And don't worry about not thinking of a good title right now. Creativity can't be rushed...

  5. I've been on hiatus with titling lately! Having a hard time for some reason. But I think it's a GREAT idea that you're compiling your posts into a book. I really do...

    Um...something like "It's a Crime: Using 20th Century Techniques for 21st Century Crime Writing"?

    See why I'm on hiatus with titling? :)

    Angel is gorgeous!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Elizabeth - Thanks very much for your support; Margot truly appreciates it. I like your idea for a title, too; it tells everyone that this book is for writers, too. I'll let Margot know about it. Oh, and thanks for the compliment. I always *knew* I was the cute one in the family ; ).

  7. The Professor Finds The Clues: collected crime fiction blog posts.

  8. Norman - Thank you! I really like that title, and I think Margot will, too. It's got a nice rhythm and cadence to it, and it's interesting.

  9. Here's a few (weak?) ideas:
    Deja Views
    Wily Posts
    Post Serials
    Passions Of Crime

  10. Bob - Thank you so much for those ideas. I like those plays on words. How did you know Margot is a linguist? She will think they are very clever.

  11. I really like The Mystery Professor. It has a great ring to it - short, sweet and authentic sounding. Great suggestions!

  12. Did my comment get eaten? In case so - i like "The Mystery Professor". You have some great suggestions here.

  13. Maxine - Thanks : ). I like that one, too. I have no idea what Blogger is doing these days, but your comment didn't get "eaten." I'm glad you stopped by : ).

  14. I can't think of a single creative idea for a title but I do like the idea of the book itself - seems a shame for such interesting insights to be lost in the mess that is the blogosphere - something professoiral would be good i think and I do like the above suggestions of The Mystery Professor's guide to

  15. Bernadette - Thanks : ). I appreciate your enthusiasm for the idea - and your kind words. Margot will be very pleased that you like this idea.