Monday, January 25, 2010

Kreativ Blog Award

This is certainly quite a week already at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist… I am deeply honored that Confessions… has been awarded a Kreativ Blog award. My sincere thanks to Dorte at DJ’s Krimiblog for this honor. I will display it proudly.

One of the rules about the Kreativ Blogger award is that I’ve been asked to pass it on to seven others. Of course, the real difficulty with that is that there are so many blogs more than worthy of this award that I find it nearly impossible to choose only seven! Here is my valiant effort : ).

Maxine at Petrona -
I’ve learned so much from Maxine about such a wide variety of crime fiction and crime fiction news that I am awestruck. I also have an incredible amount of respect for her leadership of the Crime and Mystery Fiction Friendfeed.

Norman at Crime Scraps -
Norman’s knowledge of crime fiction is humbling, and his sense of humor lifts me up no matter what is going on in my life.

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise
- Kerrie is one of the most well-read crime fiction readers I have ever encountered. Her blog is full of information, fine reviews, community memes and other things to keep a mystery fan coming back time after time. It was also Kerrie who introduced me to the wonderful online crime fiction community of which I’m a proud member.

Rob at The View From the Blue House
- Rob is one of the most versatile bloggers I’ve “met.” He blogs about crime fiction, social and economic issues and more. He’s forgotten more than I have ever learned. As though that weren’t enough, Rob’s a crime fiction author himself. His The Rule Book is an excellent police procedural.

Chris at The Thrill of it All
; Chris has an enviable knowledge of crime fiction from all subgenres and eras. He posts fascinating interviews and other useful information. He’s also an accomplished writer.

Elizabeth at Mystery Writing is Murder -
Her interesting and informative posts are some of the most helpful I’ve ever read about writing. Please, please – if you’re a writer, follow her blog!

Elspeth at It’s a Mystery! -
Elspeth’s posts about the writing process are informative, helpful and humorous. She’s creative, too, and always gives me something important to think about.

There are about twenty other blogs that I visit regularly that also inspire me and teach me, but I was asked to stick to seven . And Dorte, I hope you know that I would have included your exceptional blog in this list, but I don’t think “give-backs” are permitted. Folks, please visit these blogs if you haven’t; they are truly bright, creative lights in the blogging world.

Another rule of this fabulous blogging award is that I’ve been asked to share seven things about myself. So……here goes:

1. I once spent a summer in Brazil on an exchange program.

2. Jeg er at lære dansk - I am learning Danish. Well, at least I am trying to learn. I’m not making a lot of progress yet, but step by step…

3. My handwriting is nearly illegible. Fortunately, much of what I write is word-processed.

4. I can’t parallel park. I try. Really, I do. I do not do it well, though.

5. My favorite airlines are Quantas and British Airways. Perhaps I was just on some exceptional flights, but I’ve always had good flying experiences with them.

6. I’m glad that I learned the Heimlich maneuver. I’ve had to use it twice; once was on my daughter. Talk about your scary experience!

7. I’ve always been the shortest one in my family, both my family of origin and my immediate family. At just over 1.5 m, I suppose I should expect that.

So there you have it – seven random things about me. Thanks again to Dorte for this lovely award.


  1. Margot; Thank you so much for thinking of my blog! I'm touched and honoured. I agree with you about British Airways, and although I've never personally flown with Quantas, I've heard glowing reports from those who have. *puts hand up* I also CANNOT parallel park. I do not have the gene.

  2. Elspeth - No need to thank me; your blog is wonderful! Really! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't parallel park. I try - really, I try...

  3. You're so sweet! Thanks so much, Margot. And congratulations on getting the award, yourself!

    I'm thinking maybe you speak several languages? More than several? I know you're a linguist. Danish, I think, would be hard.

    Thanks again!


  4. Congratulations, Margot, on your well-deserved Kreativ Blogger award!!! I loved the little known facts. Why did you choose to learn Danish? Were the conversations with your morning pastry a little one-sided? Or do you have Danish ethnicity in your family? Well done, on all accounts, Margot!

  5. Elizabeth - Thanks for the kind words : ). Your award was richly-deserved, trust me!!! I've learned so much from you. I actually do speak a few languages, but Danish is the first Scandanavian language I've tried to learn. It's not easy, but I'm working on it.

    Bobbi - Thank you : ). You're really very kind : ). I chose to try to learn Danish, because it's my friend Dorte's first language and I wanted to read some of what she writes in her own language. Besides, there are other Danish writers out there whose work it'd be nice to read. That's a loo-o-ong way off, though. I don't have Danish ethnicity in my own background, but ir's such an interesting language.

  6. Chris - My pleasure; well-deserved : )

  7. Many thanks Margot - I'll have to give this some thought

  8. Thank you so much, Margot, I am honoured and very flattered by your kind words. Coming from someone whose blog is so excellent - well, praise indeed - thank you. I too am very interested in the Danish. What a challenge to learn that. I hope that you find some good novels to read that are not translated into English, when you have reached a certain level. Wouldn't it be nice if learning Danish made it much easier to learn Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic, so you'd immediately have a huge universe of crime fiction to read (if you haven't already;-) ).

    BTW I think some of my "crime fiction expertise" comes from being old ;-)

  9. Kerrie - Well-deserved : ). I had to do some thinking, too...

    Maxine - How very kind of you to say such nice things : ). I really am hoping that I'll be able to read some untranslated Danish work when I get to that point. It's a long way off, but that is what I'd like to do. There are just so many nuances that it's hard to capture when one translates work. Even the best, the very finest, translators can't always get it all. I'm not sure if learning some Danish will help me learn Norwegian and Swedish, too, but that would nice. Then, maybe someday, I might have half the knowledge that you do about Scandanavian crime fiction : ).

  10. Thanks so much Margot. Your encyclopedic knowledge of crime fiction and your ability to come up with so many interesting posts on your superb blog day after day has my total admiration and respect. Therefore to receive an award from you is doubly flattering. To receive an award along with such a talented group of bloggers has made my day.
    I am pleased that my sense of humour cheers you up, as I have always tried to joke my way through life even at the bleakest moments. My patients used to say when we shared a laugh that it was not like going to a proper dentist. I took that as a compliment. ;o)

  11. Norman - well you should : ). Humor is a rare and wonderful gift; it really is. Being able to use jokes to get through life takes a special perspective : ). And thanks so much for the kind words; I will soon need a specially-designed cervical collar to hold up my overly-swelled head! Trust me, I learn as much from your wonderful blog as you ever do from me...

  12. Margot, du er alt for beskeden!

    Interesting information about you, by the way (I can´t parallel park either, but don´t tell anyone).

    And an interesting discussion about the Danish language. I can assure you and Maxine, that once you have learned Danish, Norwegian is a piece of cake. Swedish is a bit harder (not quite as closely related), and I cannot read Icelandic at all, only guess a few words.

  13. Fascinating, Dorte! And Norman has reminded me that I have a (much delayed and after much procrastinating) dentist appointment later this week.....dread...

  14. Dorte - Du er meget gavmild! It is good to know that Danish helps one learn Norwegian. Jo Nesbo, here I come : ). And don't worry; I won't tell anyone about your parallel parking. It'll be our little secret.. ; ).

    Maxine - I wish you well with your dentist appointment. If it's any comfort, my daughter is having her wisdom teeth extracted in a few weeks. Cheer up; it could be worse... ; ).

  15. Many thanks Margot. My response is here

  16. Kerrie - Thanks for letting me know. On my way to check it out.

  17. Congratulations on your award! It was nice to learn some more about you. Loved the point about parallel parking - I can't do it well, either, and I'll go blocks out of my way to avoid having to do it!

  18. Ingrid - Thanks for the kind words : ). Yeah, parallel parking is not my strong suit . Oh, well, we all have those little quirks... It is good to know I'm not the only one : )

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  20. I'm only just coming up for air and catching up on various blogs. Many thanks for the award Margot. I'm very flattered.