Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hello, All,

Here’s another, rather short, edition of FYI. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Reid Jackson

I always think it’s important to let folks know about brand-new authors who may not have many ways to publicize their work. So….brand-new author Ronald Feasel (pen name, Reid Jackson)’s debut, The Rhyme Man will be coming out soon. If you’re interested in whetting your appetite with an excerpt, you can check it out here.
Here’s a synopsis:

Jeff is a hard working lawyer. Suddenly his life is changed. His loss of his closest friend by murder and his obsession with revenge results in a story filled with action , plot twists, murder ,and intrigue.He befriends a District Attorney, teenage boy, and a salty detective. He uses disguises and his own resources and becomes a person he never knew existed. The crime boss who murdered his friend turns the tables on him and he becomes the hunted.The protocols for CSI investigation are challenged and many other changes transpire in this riveting novel.

Patricia Stoltey

Patricia Stoltey's Prairie Grass Murders should be available from Harlequin Worldwide Mystery on 1 February.

Here's a synopsis: Sylvia Thorn, circuit court judge in Palm Beach County, Florida, takes an unexpected trip to her hometown of Sangamon City, Illinois when her older brother, Willie Grisseljon, is confined to a county hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. A Vietnam vet with lingering side effects from the war, Willie finds a body while he's on vacation. When he tries to report his discovery to a deputy sheriff, he is locked up as a vagrant with delusions. Willie insists on returning to the site where the body is hidden before notifying the sheriff. Soon he and Sylvia discover clues about the murdered businessman, his wife, a tenant farmer, concealed Indian artifacts, and uprooted stands of prairie grass that may help the sexy sheriff find the murderer. But Sylvia runs into trouble when she's caught nosing around the old homestead. She hides from the gun-toting suspects and overhears another murder. Two more narrow escapes, and Sylvia just wants to go home. Relieved when the sheriff lets them return to Florida, Sylvia doesn't realize at first that she and her brother are still in danger. A mysterious new neighbor with a menacing bodyguard, and new information Sylvia finds in her legal system database, provide clues that could solve the murders. Sylvia uses her law enforcement contacts, as well as Willie's intuitive skills, to provide the missing links to state and federal authorities, even though she is forced to make a drastic change in her life as a result.

You can check the book out here.

Adam Hall

Buckingham Books has made available a run of 19 books by thriller writer Adam Hall. Here’s a description of Hall’s style:

Adam Hall (pseudonym of British novelist, Trevor Dudley-Smith), who wrote a series of Cold War Thrillers featuring secret agent Quiller. This series focuses on a solitary, highly capably spy who works for a government bureau that "doesn't exist" and narrates his own adventures. Quiller occupies a literary middle ground between James Bond and the crafty spies of John le Carre. He is a skilled driver, pilot, diver, and linguist, but does not carry a gun. These books contain complex, convincing, sinister plots. The action is fast-paced and the spycraft is intriguing. Adam Hall is able to maintain a level of tension and suspense worthy of comparison to any of espionage fiction's masterpieces.

Since there are so many titles in this run, I decided not to take up space and list each one. If you’re interested in Adam Hall’s work, and you’d like a look at the titles, just leave me a comment and it will be my pleasure to send you the list, so that you can see each description for yourself.

You’re also welcome to contact Buckingham Books directly yourself:

Nancy Anderson
Buckingham Books, ABAA
8058 Stone Bridge Road
Greencastle, PA 17225
(717) 597-5657


  1. As always an interesting post and useful links. You've mentioned a couple of new authors for me to check out.

  2. Mason - Thanks : ). I hope you'll enjoy them. I always like to explore new authors...

  3. I remember reading those Quiller books when I was a teenager - probably, as with other authors eg J. I. M. Stewart and Lionel Davison, from my Dad's library shelves!

  4. Maxine - That happens to me frequently when I hear from Buckingham Books : ). It makes me all the more tempted to "click here to order." Wish my budget allowed it...