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Here’s another edition of FYI. I hope you find these updates useful.

Join the Global Challenge meme.

Dorte at DJs Krimiblog is hosting a very interesting crime fiction community meme for 2010. The goal is to read at least one book from each of the continents in 2010, although you can certainly challenge yourself further. If you’re interested in sampling from the different continents, visit the 2010 Global Reading Challenge Blog and join the challenge. Then, each time you read a book for the challenge, link your comments on the book to the 2010 Global Reading Challenge blog. Here are the details about the 2010 Global Reading Challenge.

Best Books of 2009

Which books did you most enjoy reading in 2009? Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise is compiling everyone’s choices and will let us know what we all loved. All you need to do is make a list of the best books you read in 2009 (year of publication doesn’t matter). Then, leave a comment for Kerrie that lists your choices. I look forward to finding out what everyone most enjoyed reading : ). Here are the details about the Best Crime Fiction list.

Upcoming Mystery Conventions

The Women of Mystery have posted a very helpful list of upcoming murder mystery fan/writer conventions. They include Mystery Writers of America Sleuthfest and of course, Boucheron, 2010. You’ll want to check these dates out.

Harold Adams

Buckingham Books has available a run of 17 unused, signed copies of novels by Harold Adams. Here’s their description of Adams’ writing:

HAROLD ADAMS. Adams protagonist is the depression-era sleuth, Carl Wilcox, a former convict with a tendency for drinking and brawling. Wilcox began investigating murders in self defense .... more than once had he been accused of a murder he didn’t commit and needed to clear himself. He became fairly good at investigating and now occasionally makes money at it. Wilcox solves crimes by talking with people involved in the crimes and by depending on his instincts about suspects and their motivations.
Carl Wilcox is direct and crude, wise-cracking, a drinker, a loafer, and a womanizer, yet Adams allows him to be quite charming. The author sets his stories in Corden, South Dakota, at the height of the Great Depression. This town is a bare land of dust storms, having relentless heat and cold, and is populated by farmers who work long and hard trying to scratch a living from the land. Setting the stories around the depression only accentuates the gloom and sense of despair of the time. Adams vividly portrays the dusty streets of a small town as well as its colorful inhabitants. We feel that Adams’ concise prose style is perfectly suited to his practical Dakota landscape, his salt-of-the-earth characters, and to his simple mystery plots.

Here’s the description of the books:

1. ADAMS, HAROLD. MURDER. New York: Charter, [1981]. First edition. Paperback original. Signed by the author. Reader’s crease as the result of author signing, else fine unread copy with slight slant to spine. First book in the Carol Wilcox series. Carl Wilcox is fresh out of prison and settling in back in his hometown. Before long, however, there are three murders. Wilcox decides that he'd better help solve the crimes before the sheriff decides that an ex-con is just the man to take the blame.
2. ADAMS, HAROLD. PAINT THE TOWN RED. New York: The Mysterious Press, [1982]. Reprint edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy. Carl Wilcox is taking care of the Corden Hotel while his parents recover from an accident. While doing so, Eleonore Matthews comes looking for him .... and for the large sum of mob money that is supposedly stashed in Corden, South Dakota.
3. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE MISSING MOON. New York: Ace Charter Books, [1983]. First edition. Paperback original. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy. Carl Wilcox is determined to prove Boswell innocent of Kate Bonney’s murder .... even if he did wake up next to her corpse. Carl begins his investigation ... Why did Dr. Franklin ask Kate to quit her job as a nurse? What’s the story behind Kate’s missing fingers? And where was the moon?
4. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE NAKED LIAR. New York: Mysterious, [1985]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine in fine dust jacket. Trixie Cook's husband is dead, and the cops think she's killed him. Carl Wilcox is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt ... after all, he too has been accused of murder once or twice in the past. It doesn't take long for Carl to realize that the young widow is being framed. The problem is proving it to people who do not want to listen.
5. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE FOURTH WIDOW. New York: The Mysterious Press, [1986]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox is questioned about the brutal murder of a local waitress. In order to clear himself, he resolved to find the murderer.
6. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE BARBED WIRE NOOSE. New York: The Mysterious Press, [1987]. First edition. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox finds widower Arthur Foote hanging from a barbed-wire noose and begins his investigation of who murdered the man. He soon finds that the Foote family has no shortage of secrets and no shortage of possible suspects.
7. ADAMS, HAROLD. WHEN RICH MEN DIE. Garden City: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1987. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine in dust jacket with light wear to spine ends and top fore edge of front panel along with one small closed tear to bottom front panel. The first in a series of Kyle Champion novels. Oren Fletcher, a very wealthy philanthropist, disappears in Mexico. His beautiful, young wife, Daphne, is certain that he's dead but needs proof in order to inherit his huge fortune. She turns to Kyle Champion who heads to Guadalajara. Upon his arrival there, he narrowly escapes a brutal attempt on his life, and realizes that there's much more to this case than meets the eye.
8. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE MAN WHO MET THE TRAIN. New York: The Mysterious Press, [1988]. First edition. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox comes across a car wreck and helps to rescue a little girl named Alma. The accident claimed the life of Alma’s mother, whose husband was mysteriously run over by a train only a few years before. Soon, Wilcox is hired by two bitter rivals to find the truth behind both suspicious deaths.
9. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE MAN WHO MISSED THE PARTY. New York: The Mysterious Press, [1989]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox runs the town's hotel during the tenth reunion of Corden's only winning football team. When the quarterback, Heart Turner, is found dead in the shower of a slingshot wound, Wilcox is asked by the mayor to find the killer. Wilcox soon uncovers a long-held secret ... after a dance one night, Turner and three other players gang-raped the coach's daughter, Bunny Titus, who later committed suicide. The list of suspects, which includes the entire team and practically every other male in Corden, gets shorter when another player dies of a slingshot wound, and Wilcox must find the connection between Bunny and the murderer before he kills again.
10. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE MAN WHO WAS TALLER THAN GOD. New York: Walker & Company, [1992]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Felton Edwards may have been "taller than God," but when his long frame turns up dead in a South Dakota sandpit, Carl Wilcox is asked to investigate. While none of the locals are surprised that the womanizing Edwards finally got his face blown off, they do wonder why Hope's less-than-favorite son is back in town after 15 years away ... even if it's in the form of a corpse. Wilcox soon discovers a string of bitter lovers, cuckolded husbands, and disgruntled business partners. Shamus Award winner.
11. ADAMS, HAROLD. A PERFECTLY PROPER MURDER. New York: Walker & Company, [1993]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Temporarily residing in Podunkville, S.D., while completing a sign-painting job for the local cafe, Carl Wilcox finds himself the suspect in a murder investigation when the body of his landlady's next-door neighbor is found dead next to Carl's car. The dead man, Basil Ecke, was rumored to have killed his first wife, and he openly beat his second and kept a hotel room for his many extramarital flings. In short, the man's life created no end of potential suspects, and Carl Wilcox is determined to discover who is responsible for the death and why.
12. ADAMS, HAROLD. A WAY WITH WIDOWS. New York: Walker and Company, [1994]. First edition. Singed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Aaron Feist is found stabbed to death murdered on Darlene Singer's stairs. His wife Stella is the prime suspect ... the butcher knife used was hers, and she thought that her husband was being overly attentive to the widow Singer. Wilcox's sister tells her brother that there is no possible way that her friend could have killed her husband, and so Wilcox investigates. What he finds is a group of possible suspects ... Frenchy, the tenor-sax player who wants to take over the band that Feist led; Gene Fox, co-owner and manager of a store founded by Feist's father and who absolutely hated having to pay half of the profits to Feist; and Stella, who may just be guilty after all.
13. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE DITCHED BLONDE. New York: Walker & Company, [1995]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox is asked to look into the matter of how, four years earlier, a teenage girl everyone loved could be run over twice out by a lonely cemetery in the middle of the night "just by accident."
14. ADAMS, HAROLD. HATCHET JOB. New York: Walker & Company, [1996]. First edition. Signed by the author. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox who, in his fifth appearance here, does a friend a favor by taking over the job of Lou Dupree, the murdered police officer in the town of Mustard. Dupree who was once the local high-school football hero, was found dead of four precisely placed hatchet wounds. Wilcox’s investigation soon reveals that Dupree was disliked by nearly everyone, creating a large pool of suspects.
15. ADAMS, HAROLD. THE ICE PICK ARTIST. New York: Walker & Co., [1997]. First edition. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Carl Wilcox to solve a murder during the Great Depression when Carl Wilcox returns to his hometown in South Dakota only to discover the body of a beautiful woman who has been murdered in her bed in her family's hotel. Carl's investigation into the murder becomes increasingly complex as each lead takes him into the past of the blighted family tree of one of the most powerful clans in the state.
16. ADAMS, HAROLD. NO BADGE, NO GUN. New York: Walker & Company, [1998]. First edition. Fine unread copy in dust jacket. Wilcox is finishing up a painting job in the town of Jonesville when the local pastor offers him $100 to find the man who raped and strangled his young niece, Gwendolyn. A frustrated bible teacher and a slick traveling salesman are the likely suspects, but the police have no evidence against either. A year has passed, and the mystery still remains unsolved. Wilcox takes on the case.
17. ADAMS, HAROLD. LEAD, SO I CAN FOLLOW. New York: Walker & Company, [2000]. First edition. Fine in dust jacket. While honeymooning in Minnesota with his second wife, Hazel, the two are enjoying a leisurely canoe trip when their reverie is disrupted by a body falling from a cliff. Initially under suspicion as the ones who reported the crime, Carl and Hazel take on the investigation of the young man’s death and its relation to an earlier death in town.
The cost for this set of books is US$200.00

If you’re interested, contact Buckingham Books at:

Nancy Anderson
Buckingham Books, ABAA
8058 Stone Bridge Road
Greencastle, PA
17225(717) 597-5657


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