Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello, All!
I've been getting some Emails about new books and other author information that some of you may find interesting. So I've decided to start a feature called, "FYI," in which I pass this information on to you.

Please understand that I'm not endorsing any of these books or authors - just spreading the word. If any of you comes across something of interest to Confessions of a Mystery Novelist readers, and you'd like me to let others know, please Email me and I'll include it in future editions of FYI.

And now... for the inaugural edition of FYI:

Signed Book Special Offer
Ian Vasquez
Winner of a 2009 Shamus Award

To celebrate Ian Vasquez’s “Best First P.I. Novel” Shamus Award, Regal Literary is giving away five signed copies of both the winning novel, In the Heat, and Lonesome Point, Ian’s latest novel.

All you have to do to enter the contest is join Ian's Facebook page and send an e-mail to with the subject line “I’m a Facebook Fan!” by December 31.

Ian's Facebook Page

Book Club Special Offer:

The Legal Limit
by Martin Clark

To celebrate Martin Clark’s The Legal Limit winning the Library of Virginia’s People’s Choice Award on October 17, Regal Literary is reaching out to book clubs across Virginia, Washington DC and North Carolina with a special offer. Participating book clubs will be entered into a lottery for one of two sets of 12 signed paperback copies of The Legal Limit. That means two book clubs will win!

Three other book clubs will have the opportunity to have Martin “visit” with their clubs on the phone to discuss The Legal Limit and answer questions.

If you’d like your book club to be considered, please send us a letter (address is below) with the names, email addresses, and signatures of all the club’s members. We’ll have a random drawing and announce the winners on Martin Clark’s Facebook page on December 31.

The Legal Limit Special Offer
Regal Literary
1140 Broadway
New York, NY 10001

Martin’s homepage

Interview/Giveaway with Author C. J. Box

This interview is at Bookrabbit, and you can access it here.


  1. Interesting books. Love the new "FYI" feature. Will check out some of the books.

  2. Mason - Thanks - glad you like the new feature. As new info comes my way, I'll be sure and share it : )

  3. I like the new section! Thanks for the info

  4. I always like FYI-style recommendations from blogs/people I trust, so thanks very much for starting this one up, Margot. Look forward to more.
    I wonder if it might be an idea to include a very short "blurb" or sentence about the content of each book (as well as the "subgenre" info if I can call it that? For example, I could not take advantage of the "Legal Limit" offer for a few reasons, but I might be tempted to check the book out anyway.....

    Just a thought, I am sure these things take a lot of time so please feel free to ignore me!

  5. I like this new feature of yours! Thanks for the tips.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. JM - Glad you like the new section : ).

    Maxine - I really like your idea of adding a bit about the books, so readers know what they're about. I will definitely do that. One always forgets something when one's just starting a new thing. Thanks for your idea - and for your trust.

    Elizabeth - Glad you like the new feature : )